Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size are your bands?

Armor Fit resistance bands come in one size. They are 35 cm long, 6 cm wide. All resistance strengths are the same size, what changes is the weight strength and elasticity making each band gradually more challenging.

  1. What is the resistance strength of each resistance band?

Armor Fit resistance bands come in three resistance levels: Light 10 kg / Medium 16 kg / Heavy: 22 kg.

  1. Which side of the Sliding Discs should I use?

Armor Fit Sliding Discs are dual sides and can be used pretty much in any surface. If you are using them on the carpet, hug, artificial grass or yoga mat - the thermoplastic side should be touching down. In the other hand, If you are using them on the hardwood, tile or laminated floor - the foam side should be touching down.

  1. How can I download the eBook(s) included with the product(s) purchase?

Armor Fit will send the Exercise or/and Stretch Guides eBook(s) to your email right after dispatch – these sometimes end up at the spam folder. If you seem not to find it, please email us informing about the problem together with your order number so we can resent it to you.

  1. Are resistance bands beginner friendly?

If you are just starting to exercise, Armor Fit Resistance Bands Pack will be perfect. If you are a pro athlete, Armor Fit Resistance Bands Pack will also be perfect for your needs. We recommend starting with the ‘light’ resistance for better strengthening and muscle growth results. Challenge yourself to more repetitions and variations depending on your goals. We want to give you the power to transform and build your armour.

  1. What material are the bands made from?

Our comfy and durable resistance bands are made with small elastic rubber threads covered and sewn together in cotton. Armor Fit also designed the anti-grip latex lining on the inside of the band, which will prevent from sliding or rolling up and down while exercising.

  1. Can I wash fabric resistance bands?

To clean your fabric resistance bands we advise that you do not put them in the washing machine as this may damage it and weaken the strength.  Use a damp warm cloth and, if necessary, use a mild detergent. Let it dry

  1. Do not see any of your questions above?

Send us an email HERE. We will respond within one day. Happy to answer all your questions!