• Fabric Booty Bands aka Resistance Bands Australian perfect for homeworkout, gym, pilates. Different from thera bands these exercise bands won't slip, roll or snap during your workouts. Perfect for tone muscles, build strenght and injury rehab of knees.


    Pack of 3 Fabric Booty Resistance Bands. 

    Anti-Slip, non-rolling and durable. Experience extreme comfort, even on bare skin. We have developed the grip technology within the interior of the band so it can withstand the most explosive workouts, from deadlifts, to squads to flip backs. 🤸‍♀️

    Perfect size with amazing stretch to fit all body types!

    300% increased strength so you see faster results whether you are a beginner in the workout industry or you’re an elite athlete.

  • Fabric long resistance bands are very versatile, porfect for muscle activation of shoulder, back, legs, booty and core. These power bands a full body band exercise. Perfect for physiotherapy and home gym or even a band for assisted pull ups. Stretch band


    Pack of 3 Flex Bands 

    Perfect addition for upper, lower body as well as core exercises. Do a full body workout from anywhere!

    Physios' favourite resistance band for knee and shoulders rehab.

    This exercise band will empower you to personalised stretching with perfect assistance when holding static stretching positions.

  • Resistance tubes or cables to last you forever. These will be like having a cable machine and Pilates reformer at home. Full body exercises, these cables include handles, ankle straps and a door attachment anchor. Arms, legs, core and stretch bands


    3 Resistance Tubes, 2 Ankle Straps, 2 Foam Handles and a door anchor.

    This Pack contains the highest quality exercise bands, nothing like you've ever seen before!

    These resistance cables have been created to tone and strength your full body.

    Exercise Guide eBook includes 40+ exercises with video demonstration for your core, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, glutes, and legs. The exercises with these Cable Zone are endless.

    Anti-Snap technology will offer unmatched durability for safe workouts. Built in stylish fabric sleeve to offer extra resistance and support.

Why you need our Exercise Bands?

Armor Fit Exercise Bands are an innovation on the resistance band market and are specially designed for strength training, whether your goal is tone, sculpt or shape your body. As a versatile and handy training device, our booty band kit can be used anywhere - This can be at home, in the office during your lunchbreak, in the park after work or during your holidays.
Our Fabric Resistance Bands have been developed and Tested by Top Physiotherapists and are highly recommended for rehab and injury prevention of knees, hip, back, ankle and shoulders.