About Us

"I have brought  Armor Fit to life after a childhood dream of entrepreneurship, together with my immerse passion for training, health, wellness and people empowerment.

The idea of premium quality and innovative workout props has arrived after my many injuries and rehabilitation journey. My husband and myself have been athletes since very young and we recognize what it takes to reach the ongoing health and wellness goals as well as be pain free. It’s a constant work to achieve the desired results.

Together, we consider a privilege to provide resources that are convenient and accessible to everyone at any fitness level – whether the goal is to shape, build or tone muscle, weight loss, injury prevention/rehab or simply boost your heartbeat from anywhere at any time.

My life's mission is to empower and help women and man to reach and fulfil their statement of fitness so that she/he always feel confident and healthy to live life. That's my vision - that's Armor Fit "

 Caroline Hansen - Founder 


From the thought, to the brand, to our customers, athletes and teammates. I believe there is more than physical transformation, I trust our greatness power comes from within our body, mind and soul. Armor Fit stays true to its logo that represents an acropolis, which means extremity and highest point. Armor Fit is your unbreakable power house that gives you the support to build your strength.

My mission and values are designed on the best comes next: I provide you the armor to be undefeated on your everyday battles. I will take the necessary time to take pride on our wins and will celebrate our accomplishments together. Step by step we will build an army. We’re just getting started.