Turning your Home into a Gym

Turning your Home into a Gym

Dumbbells, treadmills, benches, and a bike are an easy buy and set up to any home gym. However, it might be hard to put a whole heavy cable machine at home. In this case, our Resistance Tube Zone can replicate and create your own cable machine and turn any room into a personalised home gym. If you are wondering how to exercise with resistance tubes and what is included at the Armor Fit Resistance Tube Zone, keep reading below. 

Foam Handles

The handles have been designed with comfortable foam for optimum handling. D-rings for quick cable changing clips as well as adding two or more Resistance Tubes at the same time to increase resistance strength.

Attaching Tubes to Handles

Ankle Straps

The ankle straps are built with comfy padded interior and stainless-steel D-ring cable attachment allows for even resistance distribution on the ankle. Amazing replacement for gym cable glute kickbacks and hip abductors, as well as a huge range of core workouts.

Attaching Tubes to Ankle Straps

Door Anchor

The Door Anchor adds tremendous versatility to your home workouts by simply sliding the foam side through your door’s hinge and inserting the resistance band tube through the loop end to perform the most popular full body resistance tube exercises. Intended with thick foam and high technology stitching to never damage your door.

Attaching Tubes to the Door

20 Minutes Resistance Tube Exercises:

Check out this quick 20-minute resistance tube workout that will target your arms, legs, shoulders, and glutes. Be sure to adjust the resistance strength by adding or subtracting the resistance tubes.

Complete 12 reps of each exercise for 3-4 rounds. You will feel like you are in the gym.

1: Resistance Tube Single Arm Triceps Extension

2: Resistance Cable Back Row

3: Resistance Tube Lateral Shoulder Raises

4: Cable Glute Kickback

5: Banded Squats


Pursuing to have the perfect home gym can be a challenge. Fortunately, you will not need a whole bunch of dumbbells or weight machines. There are plenty of alternatives to replicate a bench press, squat rack and even pull-ups. In fact, all you need for this workout is a set of Resistance Tubes and Bands, together with a Fitness Mat.

We hope you enjoy this set of resistance tube exercises and make more informed choices when purchasing your own. You can take your time to browse through our website to learn more.

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