Full Body Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

Full Body Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

Decided to start using exercise bands?  Keep reading below and we will show you the top 6 full body resistance band workout for beginners!

  1. Squats

Use hip band/ mini band or booty band (however you want to call them). Put the band around your legs, up to your knees, standing with both feet shoulder-width apart. Then squat, making sure you keep your chest up and your core engaged.

  1. Reverse Lunges

Still using the booty bands and keeping the same band placement as the squats – start position with feet shoulder width. Step your right leg backwards, bending your left knee to a 90-degree position. Make sure to keep the weight in your heel and your back will remain upright. Come back to the initial position and repeat the same movement on the other side.

  1. Biceps Curls

A resistance tube bicep curl is another easy beginner exercise. Stand on the middle point of your resistance cable using your foot as an anchor point and perform a bicep curl. Make sure to tuck your elbows as you perform the movement, maintaining a straight spine.

  1. Lateral Shoulder Raises

Start by standing on the middle point of your resistance cable using one foot as your anchor. Raise both arms out until they are parallel to the floor so that your body resembles the letter T. Lower your arms and repeat.

  1. Seated Back Rows

Here is proof you do not need gym equipment to get a good workout in. The Flex Bands will do the same job as a rowing machine. Grab your long resistance band set on the ground. Wrap the band both feet as your anchor. Keeping your spine tall, pull both hands back in a rowing movement.

  1. Leg Extensions

This exercise will target your core, arms, and legs. Sit on the ground and wrap your resistance band around your feet, holding each end with both hands. Lean back at a 45 degree and bring your knees in towards your chest and then press forward. Make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the whole movement.

Beginners Tips:

-         Make sure to test the resistance tension and adjust to your level of strength.

-         Make sure to use the correct form, if unsure we recommend seeking professional help.

-         Take it slow to avoid any injuries.

There are many different types of resistance bands, we recommend experimenting and finding what feels good and fun to workout with. 

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