⚡ 4 Best Glute Activation Exercises

What is glute activation?

Glute activation refers to a series of exercises to get your gluteal muscles ‘fired up’ before a leg workout.

Why is glute activation important?

Do you spend a lot of time sitting down at work, at home, or in the car? If the answer is yes, then your glute muscles need to be ‘fired up’ before they can execute any movement efficiently.  
If your glute muscles are not properly ‘fired up’, you will use a more dominant muscle group to perform the exercise, resulting in muscle imbalance, which can lead to injuries.
Weak glutes can also result to poor posture and lower back pain. 

4 Best glute activation exercises

These exercises provide optimal results by using fabric resistance bands.


Clamshells Best Exercise for Glute Activation Resistance Bands

Glute Bridges 

Glute Bridges Best Exercise for Glute Activation Resistance Bands

Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks Best Exercise for Glute Activation Resistance Bands

Squat Pulses 

Squat Pulses Best Exercise for Glute Activation Resistance Bands

Fire up your glutes regularly and you’ll feel the results
Try to do these exercises regularly before your workouts — especially on your leg days.

While performing glute activation exercises, focus on controlled and slow motion movements, rather than on speed to certify that the glutes are really on fire and ready to go.  

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  • The bands are grate .love using these in a booty blaster class at my gym

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