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Perfect yoga mat

With the new Covid restrictions I had to bring my own yoga mat to the gym, So I had a go with the Armor Fit yoga mat. Good quality and great foldable compact size. Love it:)

Great service

Really impressed with the customer service I was given. The discs are great to use as well.


Best investment ever! Me and my daughters use it pretty much everyday, had to buy an additional set today so we don't have to share. Great quality and price. eBook is fabulous as well. thanks

Foldable Fitness Mat

Love it! The mat easily fits into my backpack and can go anywhere with me. :-)

Sliding discs

Great quality product , great service and the storage packaging is perfect.

Clients love it

I didn't expect to be this great of a quality! Great price. My clients hove doing butt kickbacks while the ankle straps are very comfortable, not pinching their skin (:

Amazing product


Resistance Bands

Strong, don't slip or roll excellent product



Amazing quality, killer workout! I use for legs and arms, also for stretching at the end of my sesh, love it!


The product arrived ahead of schedule and it looks nice. I like the carry bag. I am using this product to strengthen my arms. Handles are great as you can add multiple cables at once. The ankle straps are the most comfortable straps I have ever used, I love attaching to the door and doing butt kicks. Great Value for the money

Resistance Band Set

These are great and highly recommended

Armory Fit flex bands

I bought a set for myself and a set for my daughter. I'm addicted, once you start on the exercises you keep going. I love them and I thoroughly recommend them


So cute and great QUALITY! ALL of their products are! Obsessed. Got the Pink ones!

Great Product, premium quality and outstanding service!

LOVE! I cannot say enough good things about these bands - I use them with P90x and a few other programs! Quality is amazing, there is so many little details that make this product the best cables I have ever seen... and the colours wow! I also recommend the booty bands pack as well!


I used the band for the first time yesterday and it was great. It didn’t bunch and wasn’t uncomfortable. I love the pink design too. Thanks!

Resistance Bands Pack

Love the bands

Super comfortable!

Resistance Bands Pack

Waist Belt

Hi, I predominantly use the belt for carrying a banana on my long runs, the belt minimises the movement of the banana inside the belt so it retains it 's quality also room for keys etc. The belt is good quality, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Kind Regards, Sheryl

Love it

You can really tell the difference between strengths it’s great

Great mat

Perfect for traveling

Very good quality. They dont fold

Great purchase

This belt is exactly what I was looking for. Slim, comfortable, great material and love how it has two pockets!

Excellent bands. Very happy.